Caltrans Workspace

                   Product(s):OpenRoads Designer
Original Creator:Chuck Lawson, Senior Consultant



Is there an example workspace based on Caltrans standards that I can use as a starting point to develop my own?


Yes, and example Caltrans workspace can be downloaded here:  Caltrans OpenRoads Designer Workspace (2022 R2) 

This is an example workspace for users to utilize in the development of their Caltrans workspace.  Developed in the OpenRoads 2022 R2 (V10.12).  Users can use this as a starting point to modify to match Caltrans standards.  Caltrans has not yet approved any OpenRoads Designer workspace, so it is up to each user to update, validate, and maintain their own standards.

Changes from previous (10.08) workspace:

  1. Merged several of the DGNLibs in the Features folder to simplify maintenance
  2. Setup element templates, feature symbologies and feature definitions for Survey Features to provide users a starting point for CalTrans survey alpha codes.  Modifications will likely be required to fully match CalTrans Standards.
  3. Added / tweaked several configuration variables new to ORD
  4. Upgraded and/or tweaked the following:
    1. Civil cells upgraded from the Bentley delivered examples
    2. Asset Management folder added from delivered examples
    3. Materials updated to add new materials from delivered examples
    4. CalTrans Cell Libraries updated to latest
    5. CalTrans Levels updated to latest
    6. CalTrans Level Filters updated to latest
    7. Design Standards DGNLibs updated from delivered examples
    8. Superelevation Standards DGNLibs updated from delivered examples
    9. Display Styles updated from delivered examples
    10. GUI – Custom Menu DGNLib updated from delivered examples
    11. Added Item Types folder from delivered examples
    12. Revised element templates to only use CalTrans levels
    13. Added Civil Labeler entries into the master features dgnlib to include the examples delivered labels
    14. Merged / tweaked / reorganized the Text Favorites
    15. Tweaked the Corridor Feature Definitions slightly