Import BMP


OpenRoad SignCAD 2023




Original Author: 

Bentley Global Technical Support 

Introduction:  The instructions and video below show how to import bitmap (.BMP) files into OpenRoads SignCAD. 

An Image can be thought of as a grid of colored dots that provide a nice picture. The colors used on the image are not editable in OpenRoads SignCAD.

NOTE: Images can also be copied to the clipboard from other programs and pasted into OpenRoads SignCAD. See Pasting image from clipboard and/or Pasting an image from a PDF file.

Step 1: In OpenRoads SignCAD, create a new file or open an existing file to import the bitmap (.BMP) image file into.

Step 2: Pick the File tab to go to the Backstage and pick Import > Import BMP.

Step 3:  In the Open dialog, browse and select the BMP file to import and press Open.

Step 4:  The imported bitmap image will display on the workspace and it can be added to a sign panel if desired.

Step 5: Select the image and pick Properties. The image can be resized in the Image Properties.