Integral Steel Composite Bridge – video4

In this video is presenting the Last Construction Stage after the concrete slab is hardened and composite elements activated.  

It is introduced the load cases for deck wearing surface and utilities, the earth pressure behind abutments, the transferring of reactions to the definitive supports (rigid connection with abutments) and creep and shrinkage till the end of construction and until 10 000 days, for long term effects.

LC07 – transfer of reactions                                                    SDL- Superimposed dead loads 

EP – earth pressure                                                                CS-INF – creep and shrinkage

After running, the User can look at results in shells and integrated forces in beams, too.

SDL- Superimposed dead loads

EP – earth pressure

CS-INF – creep and shrinkage

In the next video is presented how to create the last construction stage in RM Analyzer.  

 Integral Steel Composite Bridge – video4