01. 159: Nozzles: no verification on multiple openings. warning message in AutoPIPE Vessel

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Product(s):AutoPIPE Vessel
Area: Warning
Original Author:Bentley Technical Support Group
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& Current Version
August 2016


The following warning message appears in AutoPIPE Vessel when executing an analysis, why?

159: Nozzles: no verification on multiple openings.


Some EPCs only need nozzles definitions/characteristics to perform the opening reinforcement verification, without considering their orientation (might be unknown when creating the model).

So, the multiple openings verifications are not performed when no orientation are defined because it might does not reflect their actual positions.
The workaround consists to defined an angle to each nozzle (set 1° on each for example to see the calculation).

Please have a look on the help of the field orientation from the Nozzle Neck tab of the Nozzles Properties.

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