API 2A-WSD 21st Edition

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 Area: Steel Design Codes
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Bentley Technical Support Group


 This page contains a list of Wikis which are related to the API Steel Design codes (API 2A-WSD 21st Edition).

  1. What is the current version of the API code implemented in STAAD?
  2. How does the program identify a joint  and the chord and the brace member in a joint?
  3. Does the API implementation consider the joints with thickened cans?
  4. How is the plastic moment determined in calculation of the Chord Load Factor?
  5. Does the API implementation only check tubular joints?
  6. What is the meaning of this warning message – “BETA VALUE OF  0.19 FALLS OUTSIDE THE VALID RANGE OF 0.2 - 1.0 FOR SIMPLE JOINTS (Cl. 4.3.1)”?
  7. Does the implementation automatically classify the joints to be code checked?
  8. Can we specify a mixed joint classification?