How to copy an existing linestyle

 Area:Custom Linestyles


How to copy an existing linestyle and keep it in the same resource file so the user can then modify the text component.


  1. Open the existing linestyle resource file.
    Element > Linestyles > File Open
  2. Highlight the linestyle to be duplicated.
  3. Select duplicate.
    > Edit > Duplicate

Once the linestyle has been duplicated you will have a duplicate point
and stroke. At this point you can then make the modification to the
linestyle that you want.

Once the modification is made.

  1. Go to Edit > Create > New and create a new linestyle.
  2. Next go to Edit > Create compound.
  3. Give the compound a new name and then add the sub components.
  4. Hit insert and then add the point and the stroke component.
  5. Next go to Edit > Link.

This will link the components to the new linestyle that has the modified

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