Access Violation - Ram Connection for RAM SS 17

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 Product:RAM Connection; (Ram Structural System)
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 Area: Installation; Import/Export
Issue #:1064587

Problem Description

After installing Ram Structural System the integrated Ram Connection mode indicates an "Access violation at address 00007FFB8ADEB72D in module 'OLEAUT32.dll'. Read of address FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFD"


A change in one of the RAM Structural System .dll files prevents Ram Connection from working when lateral load results are present (Ram Frame analysis).


This issue was fixed in v17.00.01.09 released on November 25, 2019. 

In v17.00.00.93, the following steps can lead to a working file.  *Backup the .rss file before attempting this procedure.*

1. Launch Ram Connection from Ram Manager and dismiss the error dialog.

2. Under Home - Load Combinations select the small dialog launcher and de-select the option to "Include Ram Frame - Steel Provisions Mode load combinations." 

3. Save and exit Ram Connection. At this point you will have to re-select the original .rss file and update it.

4. When you launch Ram Connection subsequently the error will not appear and saving will work normally. At this point you will need to manually add or generate appropriate "Design" type load combinations for the Connection design. The load combinations dialog does support copy and paste functionality if you want to copy from Excel. 

Optionally, revert to Ram Structural System (Beta), or (requires restoring the model from .zip backup file). Contact technical support through a service request if is needed. 

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