Linestyles with repetition counts is not supported in DWG workmode.


 Area:Custom Linestyles


When I use these custom lines in a DGN type file they are placed according to the size they we reconstructed at, when the line style scale is set to one.

However, when they are placed in a DWG file they are coming in at exactly half of their constructed size. This occurs when that scale is set to one as well.


This linestyle has a single repetition count. AutoCAD does not support repetition counts.

This is an AutoCAD limitation. Since AutoCAD does not support this line style type, MicroStation cannot support it in the DWG workmode. The linestyle will be dropped when saved to DWG.

Only option is when saving to DWG, toggle ON "Drop Unsupported LineStyles" switch, in the Save As settings.

This will resolve the issue when doing a "Save As DWG".

When placing the linestyle in a DWG file you will have inconsistent results due to the unsupported nature.

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