OpenBridge Modeler CONNECT Edition FAQ

Can I install OpenBridge Modeler CONNECT Edition on the same computer where OpenBridge Modeler V8i (SELECTseries 3) is installed?

Yes, you can install OpenBridge Modeler CONNECT Edition alongside the previous versions of OpenBridge Modeler V8i (SELECTseries 8). You can also run both versions in parallel simultaneously.


I see that the installer for OBM is now an On-demand installer, i.e. the initial size is small, and it downloads the components required when the actual install is run, directly from an active internet connection. Is there a way for the user to download all the installer files before hand.

–First download the 2 MB installer from downloads section on and copy to a folder (ex: c:\temp)

–Start a Command window, (Run cmd), and change dir to the folder (ex: cd c:\temp)

–Create a folder where you’d like to download the files to (ex: C:\OBM_temp)

–Type C:\Temp\obm10030003en.exe /layout C:\OBM_temp /passive and hit enter.

–All the necessary files will be downloaded to the folder you created in about 10 minutes or so.

What versions of Analytical Applications is OpenBridge Modeler CONNECT Edition compatible with?

OpenBridge Modeler has been certified with

RM Update 2, v11.02.00.xx, 4/05/18 release date

LBS Update 5,  v18.00.00.xx, 4/05/18 release date

LBC Update 5,  v18.00.00.xx, 4/17/18 release date

OpenBridge Modeler has been Tested with

ProStructures CE, v10.00.00.xx, 3/30/18 release date

ProjectWise Design Integration CE, client,


Can we take a bridge model developed in OBM V8i and use it natively in OBM CONNECT Edition?

Unfortunately, no. This is outside of the scope for the first Commercial Release of OBM CONNECT Edition. It is recommended that users finish their projects in V8i, and start new projects in the CONNECT Edition.

Internally we have discussed developing a translator in the future based on demand, but this an intensive and time consuming effort which needs to be balanced against other priorities

Note: If a dgn file created in OBM V8i is opened, OBM will show a warning that old Civil Data was found, and provides the user an option to open the file as Read-only. All OBM elements come in without any intelligence as MS elements only.


I started OpenBridge Modeler and landed on the “Welcome to OpenBridge Modeler CONNECT” page, where do I go from here?

Click on the blue arrow on the right side of your screen  to switch to the “workpage”. Once in the work page, you can create new files or open existing ones. Similarly click the left side blue arrow to get back to the welcome page.

What is the backstage?

The backstage is the area where you can find many utilities and settings, to get to the backstage, click on the “File” tab while in an open file.


How do I switch workflows on the run?

OpenBridge Modeler allows the user to switch workflows in runtime by selecting a workflow from the dropdown in the Quick Access ToolBar. Chose from Drawing, Modeling, OpenBridge Modeler, Visualization and Task Navigation.


What’s the fasted way to search for a command?

Typing the desired command in the search field at the top right of the interface will allow OpenBridge Modeler  to display all available commands and their location. By clicking the desired command from the list, the menu will switch to where the selected command is found.


How can I access the help documentation without an internet connection?

You can access the help documention by disabling the “Use Online Help” in the backstage --> Settings --> User --> Preferences dialogbox


My ribbon bar disappeared, what should I do to get it back?

To redisplay the ribbon, click on the toggle arrow between the search field and the help “?” mark.


Where do I find all import/export options?

All available export/import options are accessible from the backstage Import and Export pages.


Are toolboxes still available and from where can I access them?

You have access to all available toolboxes, enable one or more from the backstage--> Settings --> User --> Tool Boxes


How do I launch CONNECT Advisor?

The CONNECT Advisor is incorporated in ProStructures CONNECT Edition. To launch it click on the blue button to the left of the help “?” mark.


How do I connect to my personal portal?

Clicking the personal portal link in the dropdown next to the search field will take you to your CONNECTION Center.