What is the difference between created and modified dates

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 What is the difference between created and modified dates?


 TMA3000 Created Date – Date a transaction was received and created in the database. When investigating received transactions this is the date and time you actually received it and should be the same as the response date and time returned to the sender (see below).
TMA3000 Modified Date – Date that a transaction was last modified. This could be when the transaction was loaded into the database, or when it was last retried, or even when transaction review details where saved etc.
TMA3000 Response Date – This is shown against a particular recipient for a sent transaction and shows the date and time returned to you by the recipient to say when it was received successfully by their web server.
TMA3000 Date – This field is shown next to the review text and shows the date and time that the transaction review details were last modified.
TMA1000 TRX Date – This is shown on the History tab of TMA1000 and shows the date and time that the sender of the notice says they created it. This is taken from within the XML you either send or receive and can be seen via the TMA3000 form (or View Notice form) by clicking Links>View XML.

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