The pond outlet is connected to an invalid downstream node type

 Version(s):CONNECT Edition, V8i


When trying to compute a model with a pond outlet structure, the following red user notification appears:

"The pond outlet is connected to an invalid downstream node type junction."

Problem ID#: 40208


Most likely the orientation of the pond outlet link is incorrect. Double click the pond outlet and check the "start node" and "stop node" fields in the property grid. The start node should always be the pond outlet entrance node. If this is not the case, delete the pond outlet link and re-draw it, starting at the pond outlet node.

If the orientation is correct, check the element that the pond outlet link element is connected to on the downstream side. if you're trying to connect the pond outlet to another pond, use the outfall node element with type set to "boundary element", then select the downstream pond as the boundary element. This allows the outfall discharge to enter the downstream pond. If the pond outlet link is configured as ICPM (Interconnected pond modeling), the outlet between the pond will consider the headwater and tailwater of the two ponds for outlet flow calculations.

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 Original Author:Jesse Dringoli