Configuration Pack Guides

The Open Ground team have written a number of guides to help users familiarise themselves with their default configuration packs.

These guides have been designed to provide an overview of the default resources available with OpenGround and how they can be used in different workflows.

OpenGround is a powerful platform for managing and analyzing geological data, and it comes with a set of default resources known as Configuration Packs. These packs include log templates, data input profiles, and other components that are designed to help users get started with OpenGround quickly and easily.

These Configuration Pack Guides are intended to help users understand the components of the Configuration Packs and how they can be used in different workflows. By following the guidance in these guides, users can make the most of the default resources provided with OpenGround and minimize the need for customizations.

Each Configuration Pack is designed to meet the needs of a specific region or organization, and the guide provides detailed information on the components of each pack and how they can be used in different workflows. We hope that this guide will help you get started with OpenGround and make the most of its powerful capabilities.


 Australian Configuration Pack Guide
 North American Metric Configuration Pack Guide
 UK Configuration Pack Guide
 United States Configuration Pack Guide