ProjectWise External User Access


Workflows to use externally supplied licenses for applications / ProjectWise access, when an account hosting a ProjectWise data source has also agreed to supply the licensing required to access that data source.


The Bentley Identity Management Service (or Bentley IMS for short) is the web service that  verifies the user's credentials when they sign in to Bentley through CONNECTION Client.

Bentley IMS authentication in ProjectWise lets users log in to a data source using the credentials of their Bentley IMS account.

Users  must be associated to the account hosting the data source under User Management. This is done by creating a user account for the external user under User Management, however doing so also grants the user access to any licensing associated to the account.

CONNECTION Client login is also used to determine what entitlements a user has access to.

External users have typically have their own Bentley account w/ their own Bentley licenses as well.

Hybrid workflows

Use Externally Supplied (ProjectWise Explorer SES / Application) Licenses

External supplier must supply licensing in the form of a checked out (reserved) license. For SES licensing, this takes the form of a belic license file, generated via external supplier's Entitlement Management portal.

User must import license into the Bentley License Tool and confirm that the license is listed as reserved, otherwise usage will be reflected against user's  organization.


Use Owned ProjectWise Explorer SES License to Access External Datasouce using Bentley IMS Authentication

For instances when the data source owned has denied use of his licensing.

User must -

The following two workflows are not suggested, ProjectWise 2023 release will allow access configuration by data source.

Allow External Users Bentley IMS access to ProjectWise Datasource / Supply Licensing

Datasource owner must -

Allow External Users Bentley IMS access to ProjectWise Datasource / Deny Licensing

Datasource owner must -

How to Check Out / Check In licenses from Entitlement Management

How to bulk checkout licenses from Entitlement Management 

Importing a License via the Bentley License Tool