The difference between the Workspace System and Standards directory


What is the difference between the Workspace "System" and "Standards" directory?

They have a similar structure of the subdirectories, however, the "Standards" directory are blank during a new installation.


The "WorkSpace"-directory

In the Workspace directory, users create and manage standards and projects in a network environment.
User data files should be stored in the WorkSpace directory or on a network drive to share project data, develop,
manage, and enforce drawing standards, and set the product's appearance on the desktop.

The WorkSpace-directory contains the following:

Users can create projects using the default naming convention.
If the configuration variable _USTN_WORKSPACEROOT are set, the files can be installed at any location on the network before starting the project.
For details, please read this wiki:

Networking Workspaces the easy way


The directory "..\WorkSpace\System" contains the Bentley Standards.
Do not create user data in this directory.

This directory also has the following subdirectories / files:

The directory "..\WorkSpace\Standards" contains Corporate Standards.

This directory also has the following subdirectories / files:

Standard configuration file

The standards configuration file "standards.cfg" is used to store company-wide configurations and configurations that can be used for multiple projects.

They are usually set by the system or site manager. These configurations include: the search paths for cell libraries, Settings Manager files, DGN files, macros, seed files, material palettes, pattern maps, and bump maps; the directories for new cell libraries, new cell selector files, and new Settings Manager files; and the list of symbology resource files.

The standards configuration file is found in the directory defined by the _USTN_SITE configuration variable. The default location is in Bentley's "..\WorkSpace\Standards" directory

The directory "..\WorkSpace\Interfaces" has the following subdirectories:

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Der Unterschied zwischen Workspace System und Standards Verzeichnissen


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