Conversion from 2D Version 8/9

ApplicationPLAXIS 2D
VersionPLAXIS 2D 2010
Date created31 October 2011
Date modified31 October 2011

With PLAXIS 2D 2010, 2D 2011, 2D2012 and 2D Classic, it is possible to convert the files from the PLAXIS 2D V8/V9 format for files created with PLAXIS  2D V8.2 and newer, and PLAXIS 2D V9. With PLAXIS 2DAE this is not directly possible: the file needs to be converted to 2D 2012 or 2D Classic first, before it can be opened and converted in PLAXIS 2D AE.

These V8/V9 files can be opened in PLAXIS 2D 2010, 2D 2011, 2D2012 and 2D Classic via the Open an existing project item in the Startup Window after starting PLAXIS 2D. Then select to open the Classic PLAXIS 2D (PLX) file type, after which the PLAXIS 2D V8/V9 project file can be selected.

Data conversion

Due to some file format improvements, the program cannot convert all data automatically:

Conversion requirements

In order to convert a PLAXIS 2D V8/V9 file, these requirements should be met: