Template Features from XIN are not Loading.

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 Original Author:Sanders Thomas, Bentley Technical Support Group








I am having an issue when trying to create new templates, the feature library is not loading. When I go to the Power Inroads Tools>Style Manager the default library shows up. I cannot find the checkbox or option or setting to activate this library when I creating templates.


Civil Tools, in Open Roads Technology, looks to Feature Definitions and not the XIN. If there were (are) styles in your XIN that you’d like to use within the Civil Tools, you must first link your XIN and those style will then be available. To do so, load your XIN into the legacy InRoads dialog box as usual and then select Project Explorer (Open Roads). Select the Civil Standards tab and expand your Design file tree. Right click on Feature Definitions and then select Link Active Feature Styles. Styles from your XIN are now available.