Design Insights Wiki

iTwin Design Insights gives project teams analytics visibility to understand the implications of design decisions on cost, schedule, carbon footprint quantity take-off, safety, and other key performance indicators (KPIs) early in the project. iTwin Design Insights gives users the ability to identify hot-spots with most changes over a specific time period—an early indicator of potential discipline clashes and project risk. iTwin Design Insights offers an easy way to create business intelligence dashboards for digital twins. It integrates with Microsoft Power BI, offering an easy way to create personalized live dashboards.

iTwin Design Insights auto generates design phase quantity-takeoff and allows user to configuration calculation logic for various key performance indicators.

1. Getting Started
If you are a new user, go to Getting Started
2. Understanding iTwin Design Insights Workflow
Explore iTwin Design Insights workflow for an informed KPI creation process
3. Data Explorer
Check out how to create data queries along with 3D visualization which can be exported to MS Excel
4. Ancillary Data
Fine tune Key Performance Indicator calculations based on specified settings in Ancillary Data interface
5. Key Performance Insights
Generate and analyze Project KPIs across the timeline of the digital twin 
6. Concept Compare
Find out how to evaluate design concepts through Concept Comparison dashboard
7. Change Report
Get detailed report of changed design elements across timeline of the digital twin 
8. Custom Dashboard
Check out how to generate custom dashboards along with 3D visualization