Create Welded Shapes

Version(s):CONNECT Edition (10.XX.00.XX)
Original Author:Alistair Lobo, Product Advantage Group


There are some structures having welded shapes instead of regular rolled sections. The Weld Shapes option in ‘Create User Shape’ tool allows users to create welded shapes with variable properties. So, you can be able to choose, for example, three different plates to create a single Weld Shape. Moreover, you can control the thickness for the individual flange and web separately.

Also, unlike W shapes, the I welded shapes possess unique set of properties where in, you can set the height of the web, add or delete grip points to the shape and also adjust the position of flange plates.

This document will guide you on how to select and create welded shapes, as well as their placement in the drawing model.


Enter methods to resolve in this section.

1) Navigate to Steel > Utilities > Utilities > Create User Shape.

2) Click on the ‘+’ sign near Weld Shapes, then select one of the existing folders and right click and click on Create catalog.

3) Now, right click on the newly created catalog and select  Create welded I shape. Give it a name.

4) The Weld Shape I Type dialog box opens. Here you can choose the individual plate properties and then say OK.

NOTE: Initially, the ‘Weld Shape I Type’ dialog box is locked out. Inorder to be able to edit the values, you need to switch on the Expert Mode in
Settings > User > Global Settings > Dialog Settings

5) Once you have made changes in your Weld shapes dialog box, say OK. After that, the ‘User Shape Properties’ dialog box opens, here you can give the
Welded Shape a name and assign it a material and the say OK.

6) Now your Welded shape is created. To place the same in your model, you can click on the ‘Shapes’ button and in the Shape type, select
‘Weld Shapes’ and then in the Shape class and size you need to recognize the shape you need and select it, then place it in your model.

In this way one can create Welded Shapes for any plate combination, thickness variation and flange or web variation.