How to launch InRoads/GEOPAK SS10 from ProjectWise CONNECT

Product(s):InRoads, GEOPAK
Area: ProjectWise Design Integration
Original Author:Holly Herring, Bentley Technical Support Group


How do I open a dgn from ProjectWise within InRoads or GEOPAK?


  1. In PW go to Tools > Associations > Programs

  2. Set the association view to User associations

  3. Scroll down to InRoads Suite. Right click on Open and click Add Association. Select MicroStation SS10 and click OK.

  4. Go to Start > Bentley > InRoads Suite. Right click > Open File Location. Then, right click on the InRoads Suite icon and select Properties. In the Target field copy the contents after the quotation mark. It should be this: -wsLoad_InRoads_SS4=1 -wsINROADS_APP=Suite

  5. In PW right click on the Command Line Arguments and select Modify Command Line Arguments. Paste what you just copied in the box and click OK. Click OK again.

  6. Now in PW Explorer navigate to the dgn you want to open in InRoads Suite. Right click on it and select Properties. Under the General tab set the Application to the same name you added the command line switch to under step 3 & 4 (according to my screenshots I did InRoads Suite). Click Save. Click Close.

  7. Double click on the dgn with PW to launch. It should launch InRoads Suite SS10.