344: TORISPHERICAL HEAD (30.10): no check according to AD B3.

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Product(s):AutoPIPE Vessel
Area: Warning
Original Author:Bentley Technical Support Group
Date Logged
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Jan 2024


The following warning message appears in AutoPIPE Vessel when executing an analysis, why?

344: TORISPHERICAL HEAD (30.10): no check according to AD B3.

We are designing the vessel against AD2000, and selected torispherical head but in report values of R and r are not correctly taken. Resulting wrong head thickness.


As per AD2000 B3, only three types of heads are acceptable.

1) Kloepper Type Head

2) Korbbogen Type Head 

3) Hemispherical Head

See snap below for your reference.

In case you select head type apart from above three you will get this warning saying no check according to AD B3. Also results shown are not correct.

Hence we recommend to select the head only from above three types.

Here we have logged a bug to remove any calculations if user select head types except Kloepper, Korbbogen and Hemispherical.

This bug will be fixed in future release of software.

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