Connection Design workflow crash opening a model with unchecked countries

First Affected Version:
 Found in Version:
Fixed and Released in Version:N/A
 Area: Connection Design Workflow
 Issue #:592234

Problem Description

The application crashes when entering the Connection Design Workflow where the workflow settings have been defined without the country of profiles that have been used in the current model. 


The Settings dialog is used to coordinate the profile databases used in STAAD.Pro with the RAM Connection engine that is used in the steel Connection Design workflow. By reducing the number of selected countries, the performance of the connection design routine can sometimes be improved.

However, if the options are set to exclude profiles from a country for which connections have been defined, the program will crash as it attempts to process the connection when entering the Steel Connection Workflow


Suggested Workaround

Open a basic model which does not have any connection defined such as one of the sample models.

Perform an analysis to have a current set of analysis results.

Enter the Connection Design workflow.

On the Connection worksheet, click on the Settings button thus:-


In the Settings dialog, ensure that any country database that has been used in the model has a chck against it, e.g.

Close the dialog, and close the STAD model.

Re-open the original model and proceed as normal, the issue should be resolved.