Inserting Tables

 Product(s):Promis.e, Bentley Substation
 Area:PowerPlatform Support


It is sometimes necessary to display data from a spreadsheet on a project page in Promis.e or Bentley Substation.

Another situation is that the simple report templates required for the Text On Drawing feature of [[Run Reports]] are not adequate.  In this case, a report based on a complex template can be exported to an .xls file by setting the check box next to the name of the desired template on Run Reports, setting the Output To File and XLS check boxes, then clicking Run.

Use the following procedure to get the data, including formatting, from a spreadsheet onto the page drawing.

Steps to Accomplish

  1. Open the spreadsheet in Excel. Other spreadsheet software may also work for this procedure. 

  2. Use the mouse or the SHIFT and arrow keys to select only the cells containing data to be displayed on the drawing.

  3. Press CTRL+C to copy the cells to the clipboard.

  4. Switch to the Bentley software and open the destination page using [[Project Manager]].

  5. Press CTRL+V to paste the cells into the drawing. 

  6. A Paste OLE Object box should appear.  Set Paste As to "Picture" if the data is to be static. To be able to change the data in the cells at a later time, set Paste As to "Embedded". 
    Note: if the “Embedded” option is grayed out, the spreadsheet may have opened in Protected View in Excel. Protected View would need to be disabled and the cells copied and pasted once again for “Embedded” to be available.

    With the "By Corners" method, the size and position of the table is specified by clicking on the drawing. 

    With the "By Size" method, a scale factor is specified on the dialog and position is selected by clicking on the drawing.  The Paste OLE Object dialog must be expanded to see the Scale field.

  7. Click on the drawing to size and/or place the table.

If the cells were pasted as "Embedded", the data can be changed by double clicking the outer border of the pasted table and it will open in Excel.  Make the desired changes and close Excel.  The data on the drawing will update accordingly.

 Original Author:Matt_P