Required Windows Permissions - Hevacomp

 Product(s):All Hevacomp Products
 Version(s):V8i (V26)


There are a number of permissions that the user account requires to be able to run the Hevacomp software correctly. Without these permissions, the user may experience these errors:

A lack of permissions can also lead to a "Cannot create Meteonorm Weather file" and a consequent "Error 9 - subscript out of range" error when trying to create weather locations or access weather data.

To remedy these potential issues, the user must be allowed FULL permissions to a number of locations.


The user will need full permissions to the following:

Hevacomp installation:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Bentley\Hevacomp V8i\Hevacomp

Hevacomp content:

C:\ProgramData\Bentley\Hevacomp V8i\Hevacomp

Hevacomp Projects folder:

C:\Hevacomp Projects


C:\Users\<User Name>\Documents\Hevacomp Projects

During the setup of the software you will be asked to specify a location where projects are to be stored - this is frequently a mapped share - the user will also need full permissions into here.

Please note that the above are all default locations. If you specified alternative locations when installing, or if you have difficulty finding the above folders, then it may be useful to examine your Hevacomp shortcut properties.

With regards the Hevacomp Projects folder, this may or may not contain projects, but it does contain control files for the software. Care should be taken to examine the PATHS.DAT file that the folder contains. If the content of this file (open with notepad) does not point to its own location, then examine the location stored in the file and provide permissions to that location too.

Ensure that full permissions are cascaded through any selected
folder incorporating all sub folders and files. 

Note: If you have difficulty finding your C:\ProgramData\ folder then it may be hidden. This can be unhidden in Control Panel:

Once permissions have been set correctly, if you were experiencing Meteonorm and Error 9 message, the final step is to repair the project so the weather data is generated correctly:

  1. Load Design Database and open your project.
  2. Go into the Building Data program.
  3. Select a weather location that is different to the on you require and click on the green tick button to set this in place.
  4. Now go back into the Building Data program.
  5. This time, select the correct weather location and click on the green tick button to set this in place.
  6. The weather data should now be correctly defined.