Update 4 - Version - 29 July 2021

The table below lists the fixes and enhancements in sisNET CONNECT Edition Update 4, with version number, released on July 29, 2021. Update 4 was built on PowerPlatform 10.15.1 and OpenCities Map 10.7.1.

IDNew Change Bug Description
419353 XsisNET: the crash when calling the object history of an object via the object info is now fixed.
624880 XsisNET: the job name can now be up to 50 characters long (via the direct dialog box)
670507 XsisNET: Fixed the crash when moving a view.
670539X sisNET: Both the sisNET and Platform version numbers are now available with the new 'Version Info' button in the ribbon under Administration.
555987 XsisNET: The incorrect parameter processing when sending the "VIEW ZOOM" key-ins has been corrected.
630738 XsisNET: the length of SQL commands in macros (OPENCURSOR, EXECSQL, QUERY) is no longer limited to 256 characters
546658 XsisNET: The sisNET user and administration manuals can now be accessed via the "Pdf-Dokus" button in the sisNET Ribbon under Administration.
446525 XsisNET: The error when importing a configuration of the HR module was fixed.
636817, 501542 XsisNET: Elements created with a self-defined line style will be displayed with a correct line style even after saving the job.
652210 XsisNET (EN Version): opening a DGN file (double click) with the OUSisnet EN version is now correctly licensed considering the SISNET_LICENSE_PRODUCTS variable.
467415  XsisNET: texts in SAP dialogs are now displayed in the correct language 
370134XsisNET: When moving a dimension line, its original priority and transparency are preserved.
646630XsisNET: When moving the view, not all objects were displayed in some cases despite automatic view refresh. This error has been fixed.
596936XsisNET: The error message when opening the "Preferences" dialog in the Backstage area under "Settings" no longer appears.
630723XsisNET: The PrintPrep default PDF plot driver (MS_GEOPRINTPREP_PDFPLOTCFG=$(MS_GEOPRINTPREP_DEFAULTS)PrintPreparationPdf.pltcfg) has been replaced with the PowerPlatform default PDF plot driver (MS_GEOPRINTPREP_PDFPLOTCFG = $(MS_PLTCFG_PATH)pdf.pltcfg). The default PDF plot driver is used by the 'Create PDF' command (printpreparation workflow savepdf).
616391X sisNET: The obsolete entry 'Search by predefined object query' has been removed
631236XsisNET: Objects were sometimes not displayed when the view was rotated. The error is now fixed.
631542 XsisNET: The call of the EXECSQLFILE macro with an incorrect file path was corrected.
618522 XsisNET: The call of filter libraries with two-digit IDs was corrected
627151 XsisNET: The LicenseStatus_Limited (after more than 7 days without CC login) is now handled correctly.
560949XsisNET: The tooltip of the dialog for selecting the category is now displayed in the correct language
556221XsisNET: In the task sisNET-Tools 'Annotation' the entries have been corrected
501439  XsisNET: The image composition after zooming several times and with many references has now been improved.
618284XsisIMS engine: The causes of crashes related to referenced raster files have now been eliminated. 
556430   N_SYS_FEATURE_STYLES Update to support further tests
608042XsisNET: When capturing a standard station/standard KVS using prototyp.ma, the labels of the ST connection points are now generated correctly. The error was that in previous versions the DAS type of the prototype object types was copied incorrectly.
580450XsisNET: The WORK FENCE DKOPIEREN command - copy and scale fence content and add as object part - works again.
603570XsisNET: The use of the wrong font type when placing dimensions using the netdim module has been corrected.
98448X sisIMS Desktop:  The 'Coordinate Center' fields now allow input and thus map navigation by coordinate input. 
597516X sisNET: The task control dialog is always loaded at startup. If this is not desired, loading can be switched off by setting the environment variable SISNET_LOAD_TASKNAVIGATION=0.
534695X sisNET: The sisNET Performance Tool has been added. The call can be found under Administration in the sisNET Ribbon.
553152 XsisNET: after the command 'Copy view' the target view is now updated.
539000 X sisNET: During ASCII import, macros for existing objects that needed to be updated were not executed correctly. The error is now fixed.
572819  XsisNET: When updating the maps in Explorer, it sometimes crashed if the MicroStation reference dialog was open at the same time. As a workaround, the dialog is now closed before updating.
598534 XsisNET:  The creation of parallel lines with a given distance is possible again with the user module UMLIN.
450706 X sisNET, sisFLOW, sisVIEW: The context menu has been revised.
596901 XsisIMS: obsolete Geotools.dll removed by Setup
595219, 489288 XsisNET: The names of the custom line styles are now correctly stored in the feature style table.
538673 XsisNET: for the display of the element info of a dimension object, the properties dialog is now used
552336, 517518 X sisNET: The functions: Copy or move parallel, Delete vertex and Change element attributes have been unlocked in sisFLOW
542572 XsisNET: The error in the length calculation of the CALCPARTLENGTH macro function for a line with only one point has been corrected (correct result: length = 0).
539200 XsisNET: The fence settings in FILTER module are now handled correctly.
583542 XsisNET: plotting with views/themes other than view1 now works again.
550285, 578147 XsisNET: The tray module call by means of RUNMDL macro was corrected
99196X sisIMS Desktop: The list of output formats (graphics export) has been extended with DWG, DXF. 
580845   XsisNET: The permissions of CAD elements are now taken into account when saving a job