03. Where are the factors and values that are used in a Hydrotest load case located in AutoPIPE's o

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Version(s):2004, XM, V8i 
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Feb. 2015


I know that for HY calculation I must access the window Hydrotest where I select the pressure case (P1) and the multiplier (that is generally 1.5).
I'm not able to see the value of the test pressure in output file How can see the value of test pressure in the output (report) file?
Why the software doesn't show the value of multiplier as requested by ASME B31.3 (that is generally 1.5 Sc/Sh)?


The Hydrotest parameters are printed in the "Analysis Summary" section of the output report under "Hydrotest Load"

Temperature Load Case Factor

Pressure load Case Factor


Temperature and Pressure load case values can vary from node point to node point. In some cases the values may be all the same, in other cases for each set of node points these values can be different. Therefore, AutoPIPE performs this calculation internally and prints the results in the output report. Each of the values (Press or Temp)  used for the calculations are not printed in the output report. The following enhancements have been logged:

TFS-E237988: Report calculated hydrotest pressure in model input listing.

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