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This article pertains to V8i and some CONNECT Edition applications that use SELECT Licensing. For information on reserving a license with CONNECT Licensing see How to check out licenses from Entitlement Management

SELECT Server typically retrieves and returns product licenses dynamically over a network connection. However, product licenses can be retrieved ahead of time or "checked out" for use apart from a network connection, a feature most commonly utilized by laptop users. For instance, licenses for RAM Structural System can be "checked out" to a laptop so that the program can be used at a work site or on the road. The following steps show how to "check out" licenses.

  1. Open products of your choice, and use them as you intend to offline.
  2. With the programs still open, launch the License Management Tool, and click the License Checkout tab if present.
  3. Licenses for the products you presently have open will appear in the bottom pane of the License Management Tool. Note the version numbers used for each of the product licenses.
  4. Keep the License Management Tool open, but close the products you previously opened.
  5. In the License Management Tool, select "Refresh" from the View menu to update the display. All licenses that were listed in the bottom pane should return to the top pane.
  6. Set an expiration date for the licenses about to be checked out. Licenses will function until 11:59 PM on the date specified.
  7. Next, select from the top list each of the products that were just checked in. To select multiple entries, hold down the Ctrl key while clicking individual entries.
  8. Click the CheckOut button to summon the Checkout Settings dialog box. Enter an email address to be used for recordkeeping. For each product listed in the Version(s) table, enter the version number previously noted. It is recommended that numbers be entered in double-digit notation. For example, would be entered as "". Press the Enter key or click outside the version number field to enable the OK button. Then click the OK button to check out the licenses. The checked out licenses will appear in the bottom list.
  9. As a test, disconnect from the network, and verify that the programs you checked out function properly. Please note that while disconnected from the network, you will receive a "Failed to contact license server" error message whenever the License Management Tool is opened or refreshed. This is normal. Access to products listed in the bottom pane will still be granted.
  10. If the licenses need to be checked in early, connect to the network, open the License Management Tool, select the licenses listed in the bottom pane, and click the CheckIn button. The licenses will return to the top list.

An alternate method of obtaining licenses for offline use exists. Licenses can be retrieved from the license server as a file for use on a specific machine. The license file is then transferred to the machine (via disk, email, flash drive, etc.) and imported. This method is particularly useful for providing licenses to a machine that does not have network access to the license server. However, access to this functionality may be restricted to designated site administrators in your organization. Contact your designated site administrator or Bentley Technical Support for more information.

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