"Unable to open the asme2010.mdb database"... Bentley AutoPIPE message is displayed in the program?

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April. 2020


The following warning is displayed when using AutoPIPE:

Bentley AutoPIPE
Unable to open the asme2010.mdb database

Why and How to avoid it?


Problem and Solution #1:

Do you have the correct user permission to be running Microsoft Access commands on your Computer?

As a first step, suggest to run the application in Administrator Mode.

Does this resolve the issue:

If yes, great!! continue using the application.

If no, continue below.

Problem and Solution #2:

Open the following folder and check that the file is actually present:

C:\ProgramData\Bentley\AutoPIPE 20xx


C:\Program Files\Bentley\AutoPIPE 20xx

Note: if the program folder is under Program Files (x86), uninstall AutoPIPE completely, remove AutoPIPE user Profile folders, download a fresh installer, install AutoPIPE, and reboot your computer.. 

If missing, perform the following:

1. Ask around, if there is a person who is using the same exact version and ask that they send you their file (asme2010.mdb) from their program installation folder.

2. After receiving the asme2010.mdb file, place it in the same exact location on your computer. 

3. Reboot your computer

4. Start AutoPIPE

Does this resolve the issue?

If Yes, great!! continue using the application.

If No continue below

Problem and Solution #3:

Answer these 2 questions

1. Does the computer have Microsoft Word and Access x64 bit installed?

2. Is "Microsoft Access Database Engine" installed?

Note: most MDB issues are often caused by this tool

If no to either question above, uninstall the existing "Microsoft Access database engine" application using Windows "Add and Remove Programs" application, use link here to download a 32 bit version of this application, and install the newly downloaded application. Next, reboot your computer and try to use AutoPIPE.  

If yes to both question, continue below

Note, just to be safe, recommend uninstalling, downloading, and reinstalling "Microsoft Access database engine" from here.  

Problem and Solution #4:

A known problem occurs when running Support optimization, when two or more models are opened accessing the same file (asme2010.mdb). This issues was fixed in AutoPIPE 12.01 and higher (956393). Confirm version of AutoPIPE and upgrade to latest version of the program as needed.  

Problem and Solution #5:

During installation some files were not installed correctly. Therefore, follow these steps below:

1. Close all but one instance of AutoPIPE before before continuing below.

2. Open Preferences dialog - click here.

3. Click on each Explorer button to open their folder locations in different File Explorer windows.

4. Next, close the current AutoPIPE application.

5. At this point, all AutoPIPE applications should be closed and 2 Windows of File Explorer are opened

6. Go to each File Explorer window (User Profile path and Program Data path) that was opened from step above, and delete AutoPIPE folder


7. Next, Use standard Windows procedure for uninstalling applications, Uninstall AutoPIPE.

8. Reboot the computer.

9. Download a fresh installation file from Bentley's Software downloads page

10. Install AutoPIPE

11. Start AutoPIPE.

Does this resolve the issue?

If Yes, great!! continue using the application.

If No continue below

Note: If this issue is occurring in the latest version where the above does not resolve the issue, please file a new Case mentioning this WIKI page. 

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