How to export a dgn with Geo-Coordinate assigned to a dwg

Product(s):OpenRoads Designer
Area: Export to dwg
Original Author:Amita Shinde

Question: How to export a dgn to dwg, where in, the dgn has geo-coordinates attached. When exporting the dgn to dwg the alignment is at different co-ordinates in AutoCAD.

Answer: You will need to do following 2 settings

1. Go to "File > Save As", select the 'Save As type" as dwg, and select the "Options" button, the "Save As Dwg/DXF options" dialog box is displayed. Expand "Advanced" and uncheck the option "Set UCS from Current ACS".

2. In the same dialog box, click on the tab "Filter" and uncheck "Auxiliary Coordinate System".

Save as dwg after the setting are applied, the alignment should be exported at correct co-ordinates.