AssetWise CDE 16.7.9

AssetWise CDE 16.7.9 is available on SELECTservices Online and can be downloaded from under "Software Downloads" or use the following SELECT Direct Link:

From the list select version under AssetWise CDE as shown in screen below:

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eB Platform provides identification and classification of information object types. AssetWise controls information throughout the lifecycle of change - ensuring the delivery of relevant, trusted information in context - to infrastructure operations, where and when it is needed. The ability to export or publish information outside the system for other systems or external parties to consume is provided. It provides change management services for documents, organizations, requirements, and other information types where change management best practices apply.

This release delivers the eB platform, two most popular clients and a number of connectors, but not limited to:

 Applications and web plug-ins included:

- eB Core Server (includes the Application Server, other core services)
- System Management Console
- Director
- Web Framework with Applications, including:
- Change Package Web Plug-in
- Engineering Designer Web Plug-ins (with Engineering Designer database files)
- Document Manager
- Item Manager
- Object Comparison
- Publisher
- QuickLinks
- Tag Manager
- Work Exchange
- Bulk Transfer Configuration Tool
- SSRS Data Provider
- Capture, Kofax Release Scripts
- SSIS Components on both SQL and Oracle
- ProjectWise Connector database file (Web Plug-in is a separate download on SELECT)

What’s New: 

- Enhanced Skill Based Work Exchange
- Template Security Setting for newly created instances
Updated Platform and Version Support:

- Internet Explorer 10 & 11
- Firefox & Chrome (Limited functionality on browsers that do not support ActiveX)
- Brava! Enterprise 16.2 with Web client integration.
- Brava! Desktop 7.3 & 7.4 with Director client.
- Kofax Capture 10.2
- ProjectWise InterPlot Organizer CONNECT Edition (English) 32-bit
- ProjectWise Interplot Server CONNECT Edition (English) 32-bit
- Microsoft Azure SQL Database (for hosted solutions)
- SQL Server 2016
- SQL Server 2014 SP1.
- SQL Server 2012 SP3.
- Oracle 12c ( using 64-bit client,
- Oracle 11g ( using 64-bit client,
- Windows Server 2016 (Standard Edition)
- Windows Server 2012
- Windows Server 2012 R2
- Windows 10
- Windows 8.1

 As eB becomes a platform, a number of clients and connectors were removed from this release, those components are:

- Engineering Designer
- Event Tracking Manager
- SharePoint Connector
- Asset Painter
- Office Merge
- Outlook Add-In
- Word Add-In
- DoD 5015.2 Compliance
- Drawing Validation