Select Data Folder appears at startup

Product(s):Promis.e, Bentley Substation
Environment: N/A
Area: Installation/Configuration

Problem Description

When the software is started, a Select Data Folder dialog is displayed.


This occurs when the software cannot access one of the critical data files it is configured to use.  Although only one such file may be inaccessible, all fields on the Select Data Folder dialog will be empty until a valid data folder path is specified.

Possible causes:

Steps to Resolve

  1. Click the [...] button in the Data Folder field and select the data folder intended for use with the software.  See [[promis-e Data folder]] and [[Substation Data folder]].

  2. After the Data Folder field is populated, the remaining fields should automatically populate.  If any do not, the files/folders corresponding to those fields are the ones that cannot be found or cannot be opened.  This indicates the files are missing or need to be individually browsed for because they are located outside of the Data folder.   The screen shot below shows the fields as they would appear if all the files of a default, local, ANSI-IEEE Promis.e configuration were found.

  3. Verify that the expected files exist and can be opened by the user.  If applicable, verify that the user's mapped drives match the paths with which the software was configured. Ensure that all fields on the Select Data Folder dialog are populated with valid paths or files as appropriate and none are blank.

 Original Author:Matt_P

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