06. Why are Hydrotest results different using AutoPIPE ASME B31.8 piping code?

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Version(s):2004, XM, V8i 
Area: Calculation
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Jan 2015


I have in the past set up my own load combinations for the Hydrotest case - GR T3 P3 (Functional) and use the Hoop stress values for my reports. This gives me 118.54 MPa. For a change, I thought that I would give the default Hydrotest load case a try and but it gives me a different value of 148.17 MPa. Now when I just do a pure Hoop stress calculation (Pd/2t), it gives me another different result of 134.19 MPa. I am trying to understand why these 3 values are different


Please see the following AutoPIPE help section:

Help > Contents> Contents Tab> Reference Information> Code Compliance Calculations> ASME B31.8 Chapter VIII - 2010> for calculations used in AutoPIPE. pay special attention to the hoop stress calculation.

In this case, the Hoop stress hand calculation use Dmean (PDmean/2t) and with the correct values for pressure factor in the Hydrotest load case so all stress values match now.

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