How to switch rebar laps from line to crank?

 Version(s):CONNECT Edition (10.xx.00.xx)
 Area:Rebar Display
 Original Author:Kemuel Jancorda, User Success Team

Problem Description

There are instances when applying lap splice to a rebar set. Rebars are overlapping with each other without any offset or crank.

Steps to Resolve

This scenario happens when the Rebar Display options for laps are set to line. To set the laps to cranks,

  1. Go to Rebar Display options. The tool can be accessed from: Concrete workflow > View > Rebar Display.
  2. From the Rebar Display options, look for the Rebar Lap Crank. Clicking will display cranks on all laps on your 3D Rebar Model view.

This option will allow you to display laps as cranks on your 3D Model. You may also opt to display the laps as a Line depending on your preference. Please take note that the Rebar Display options are set for viewing purposes only and will not affect the Structural properties and configurations of the rebars.