How to check the Shape Data?

Version(s):CONNECT Edition
Subarea:Shape Placement
Original Author:Sandip Kar, Facilities Engineering


The ProSteel Shape Data    let you know the parameters of a selected shape. Usually, when working on a certain project there will be some instances that you would need to know the Height, Width or the Gauge of a certain shapes to match with a connecting shape or to meet a certain standard when drilling holes. With this functionality you won't need to measure the shape manually or refer to Standard Steel Codes manuals. This document will explain you how to check the Shape data for the selected shape. 


There are two methods to check the Shape data.

(A). Via Shape dialog while placing the Shape:

When you are in the shape dialog box, you have the option to choose the correct shape to be placed and then there is a button   as shown in the below image which when clicked will display the Shape Data for that particular shape. See the image below to understand.

(B). Via PS properties after placing the shape:
After placing the shape when you Right Click and say PS Properties will open the PS Properties dialog. And when navigated to section General Tab - Shape Type, you will find the same   button to display the Shape Data.


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