Getting "OpenRoads Designer must be restarted to load new configuration" message when opening DGN

Product(s):OpenRoads Designer CONNECT Edition, OpenRail Designer CONNECT Edition
Area: General



When running in a ProjectWise Managed Workspace, I open a DGN in a different folder and get the following message:

OpenRoads (OpenRail) Designer must be restarted to load the new configuration. Do you want to restart now"

Since the two folders use the same managed workspace, why does the program prompt to restart with a new configuration?


Typically, this message is presented when one or more variables in the managed workspace use the $(_DGNDIR) variable to define a folder path to the location of the existing DGN.  If a variable uses the $(_DGNDIR) to define a path, then that variable will have to be changed when a new DGN is opened from a different folder, so the program prompts the user letting them know a new configuration needs to be loaded. 

If you would like to prevent this message from being presented to the users, it is possible to add any variables that use the $(_DGNDIR) to a list of variables to be ignored when the workspace comparison is done.  To do this:

1.) Browse to the "mcm.user.cfg" file, which is located in the C:\Program Files\Bentley\ProjectWise\bin folder by default.

2.) Edit the PW_MWP_COMPARISON_IGNORE_LIST to add any variables to the list that use the $(_DGNDIR) variable

3.) For example, if you use the $(_DGNDIR) variable inside the MS_RFDIR and MS_BACKUP variables, you will edit the PW_MWP_COMPARISON_IGNORE_LIST  as follows:

(Note: The "PW_MWP_COMPARISON_IGNORE_LIST" could also be defined in other CFG files or configuration blocks as well if the user does not want to edit the mcm.user.cfg file.)

As an alternate to the above workflow, users can also define _MCM_RELOAD_WORKSPACE = 2 which will automatically load the new workspace silently without prompting the user.