Connection Design workflow crashes opening model with connections defined in V22 Update 5 or earlier

First Affected Version:
 Found in Version:
Fixed and Released in Version:N/A
 Area: Connection Design Workflow
 Issue #:592226

Problem Description

The application crashes when entering the Connection Design Workflow where the model has had connections defined in a previous version of STAAD.Pro which has a generic steel material defined.


The general analysis process generally does not need details of the yield strength of steel. However when performing a design, the yield strength is important. For a long time a generic steel definition in STAAD did  not include details of its yield strength, but later a default value of 36ksi was added with the introduction of an FY parameter in the MATERIAL definition. Whilst this was suitable for models created in the US, it was less appropriate for models outside the US. Therefore in STAAD.Pro V22 Update 3 the generic STEEL material was modified so it did not have a specific default value of FY, but instead additional materials added for which a suitable value of yield strength was added such as STEEL_235_NMM2 and STEEL_50_KSI.

Therefore when the connection design workflow processes models that have a property of simply STEEL defined, the value of yield strength is taken as zero and consequently processing the connections results in a divide by zero and ultimately causes the application to crash. 

Suggested Workaround

There are two possible methods available to address this issue

1) Method 1, revise the assigned material

Open the model and modify the assigned material with one that has the correct material yield strength such as STEEL _36_KSI

Re-analyse the file

Return to the Connection Design workflow.

2) Method 2, remove the connections

Close STAAD.Pro

In the folder where the model file *.STD is located, is an ancillary file *.RCC. This is a text file that can be opened in a suitable text editor such as Notepad. This contains all the connection design data.

Use search and replace the text '=STEEL' with '=A36'

This will provide the connection design with the material A36 for the various components where previously the material STEEL was defined.

Note in this method, no new analysis is required, although the connections should be checked in the Connection Design workflow and where necessary the material changed to the material appropriate for the component assigned.

Re-open the original model and proceed as normal, the issue should be resolved.