Working from Home with

In these challenging times when COVID-19 is imposing significant disruptions to day to day activities and affecting normal business flow of our much-valued users and employees, we at Bentley are mindfully committed to ensuring a smooth transition of work from the office to a remote location or home. Our innovative software and services are all geared for working from home or remote locations and do not impose the need to be in an office set-up. To help facilitate this, we have written the following article to help keep you up and running with our software.

Which software does this article relate to?

This article refers to the following products;

(And in extension, as software launched from the Launcher)

What is needed to access is a cloud delivered service, therefore, as long as the launcher has been installed on the machine and that machine can access the internet, all parts and functions of the application will be available.

How do I install

Each download link for is generated specific for the users that requires it. Therefore, an administrator user with access to HoleBASE Enterprise will need to login to the system and send the required user(s) a welcome email. On this welcome email, there will be a link to download the launcher.

Please note that administrator rights are required when installing the launcher software.

If it is not possible to send a welcome email for whatever reason, please see the 'I still need further help....' section below.

Accessing Product documentation

We are currently in the process of migrating our help documentation from our old Keynetix Assist website to this Wiki within Bentley Communities. For now, all help can still be found at :

I still need further help....

If you still require further help, then please ensure to contact our support team by raising a service request or emailing our support team at If you are having issues with licencing – please contact support by raising a service request and we can provide guidance and potentially arrange the issue of temporary local licences.

Important notice about use of Bentley applications in virtual environments - click here