PXF import crashes AutoPIPE - forrtl: severe (59):

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Environment: N/A
Area: Import
Original Author:Bentley Technical Support Group

Error or Warning Message

When attempting to import an AutoPLANT PXF file, the following error occurs and crashes AutoPIPE:

Intel(r) Visual Fortran run-time error
forrtl: severe (59): list-directed I/O syntax error, unit -5, file Internal List-Directed Read


The issue involes the tag numbers. Lines beginning with "2063 $" are the cause of the problem. AutoPIPE treats commands with $ specially.

How to Avoid

Open the file in a text editor such as Notepad, and use the Find/Replace functionality to replace any instance of

2063 $


2063  $

To clarify, add one more space between 3 and $.

It is easier to do that on the merged PXF file.

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