Material parameter datasets for sheetpiles and beams

ApplicationPLAXIS 2D
VersionPLAXIS 2D CONNECT Edition
Date created17 September 2012
Date modified11 March 2022

Attached are material databases with the necessary input parameters for several commercially available profiles for beams and plates (sheet piles), as used commonly in geotechnical projects.

The materials sets included for plates in SheetProfiles2DCE_V22.matXdb (for V22 and later), SheetProfiles2D.matdb (for V21 and before) and SheetProfiles3DCE_V22.matXdb (for V22 and later), SheetProfiles3D.matdb  (for V21 and before) are a selection of U-sections (AU, PU and GU profiles) and Z-sections (AZ). The steel classes used for calculating the strength properties are S 240 GP and S 430 GP.
The plastic moment given in the database for 2D plate materials is based on full plastification.

2D Sheet piles

For steels S 240 GP and S 430 GP

U section

Z section

Damping is not considered in these material parameters.

3D Sheet piles

U section

Z section

The parameters are based on the assumptions as mentioned in the Material Models manual and as mentioned on this knowledge base page: Material datasets for plates: sheet pile wall in bending
Damping is not considered in these material parameters.

3D Beams

For the case of beams for 3D, in BeamProfiles3D.matXdb (for V22 and later) and BeamProfiles3D.matdb (for V21 and before), some common IPE and HE profiles are included.

Latest update for these profile datasets: July 2016



Using a database file

To use such a downloaded database, download it to a folder with full access for the user. When in the program, open the compatible material database and select the appropriate category (here for PLAXIS CONNECT Edition V22 and later): plates for SheetPiles2DCE_V22.matXdb and SheetPiles3DCE_V22.matXdb, and beams for BeamProfiles3DCE_V22.matXdb. Then, click on the Select button to open the new global material database for the sheet pile profiles or beam profiles.


The data used for creating these databases is courtesy of ArcelorMittal.
It is provided without warranty of any kind. Anyone making use of it does so at his/her own risk.
PLAXIS does not accept responsibility nor can be held liable for any damages including loss of profits, loss of savings, injuries or any other incidental or consequential damage arising from the use or inability to use the information contained within.
PLAXIS suggests contacting ArcelorMittal to ensure the suitability of a given steel section for a particular application.



For PLAXIS CONNECT Edition V22 and later:

For PLAXIS CONNECT Edition V21 and before:

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