"Selection types different" message occurs when copy pasting to AutoPIPE

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The following appears when copy / pasting MS Excel cells into AutoPIPE input grids:

Bentley AutoPIPE
Selection types different


See the following recommend procedure when copy / pasting information from MS Excel to AutoPIPE:

1. Open AutoPIPE model.

2. Open AutoPIPE input grids and select a tab where information will be pasted (example: Press / Temp / Pipe Id tab).

3. Open MS Excel workbook where data will be copied from.

4. Select and Copy the cells that are to be pasted to AutoPIPE.

5. Change back to AutoPIPE's input grids tab from step #2 above. 

6. On the tab, select the first cell in grid where the data will be pasted, press the Right mouse button, and select "Paste Cells" from the menu listing. (example: 100 from cell A1 in Excel will be pasted to node point A00 P1)

Note: when selecting the grid cell in AutoPIPE, select the white area to the left of the number to highlight the cell. Otherwise, if the cursor is over top of the number when pressed the number will be modified and right mouse click menu will be disabled. 

If performed correctly AutoPIPE grids will have been updated with data from MS Excel as seen below:.

7. Done

However, If the "Selection types different" message re-appears, perform the following workaround:

A. Change the value for P1 at node A00 to a different number (example: from 300 to 500 psi). 

B. Press the keyboard Tab or Enter key once to exit modifying the cell value.

C. Hover mouse over top of P1 cell for node A00, right click the mouse and select "Copy Cells"

D. Hover mouse over top of P1 cell for node A01 N, right click the mouse and select "Paste Cells" 

E. Repeat steps 1-7 above.  

Note: These extra series of steps resets the grids to allow copy pasting from Excel to AutoPIPE.

See procedure above in action:


Download video and expand video to full screen size. Be sure to follow procedure steps as outlined above.

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