TMA Works Phase Master refresh: error in materialized view path

Product(s):EXOR TMA Noticing Manager

Problem Description

 In Process Monitor form error to be shown next to TMA Works Phase Master refresh proccess:

error in materialized view refresh path

Steps to Resolve

Run this query as a highways owner:

select * from all_objects where status <> 'VALID';

Take a look which materialized views have invalid status. (In our case, see below)

Invalid materialized views could cause this error. To fix this issue, we suggest to do recreate the view manually. For example, in SQL Developer:

1. Connect to the database;
2. Expand Materialized Views branch;
3. See failed materialized views (below in our case):
MV_TMA_Permits, MV_TMA_Works_Phase_Master, MV_TMA_NOTICE_DATES, MV_TMA_NOTICES, MV_TMA_WPSS, MV_TMA7500_Permit_status;
4. Highlight one of them
5. Open it's SQL query and copy it somewhere else
6. Right click on the highlighted materialized view and press Drop
7. Copy the SQL query and run it (this can take a long time to run)
8. Repeat steps for all invalid materialized views.

 Original Author:Edvinas Perminas