How to add chamfers to plate with poly-cuts?

Product(s):ProStructures CONNECT Edition
Version(s):CONNECT Edition
Original AuthorJitendra Kumbhar


Within ProStructures CONNECT Edition adding chamfer to poly-plate with polycuts (affecting outer contour) is an easy task. Following document will explain how to add chamfer to such plates.

Steps to resolve

To address this problem ProStructures has a built in mechanism. From the plate modification dialog one can re-adjust polyplate outer contour in other words it will remove the polycuts and creates plate with geometry with cuts. Then to use chamfer tool to add desired chamfers to plate. Following is illustration step by step to add edges to plate with poly plate.

1. Create a plate and add polycuts to the same which will affect outer contour of plate.

2. Now if used add chamfer from 'Element Modification' dialog under 'Edges' tab then as plate is with polycuts it won't consider all the corners. Highlighted by red circles in below image:

3. Due to above issue it will be difficult (still one can add cuts as chamfers) to add chamfers to non numbered sides of plate. ProSteel has a facility to adjust plate outer contour. Invoke 'Element Modification' dialog and go to tab 'Plate' and use button 'Adjust Plate Polygon' under 'Edges' sub tab. Refer illustration below to adjust plate outer contour:

4. After adjusting plate polygon 'Chamfer' tool will start considering all edges of plate as shown below:

5. Now one can add chamfers to all the sides of plate as illustrated below. Use comma separator to add chamfers to different edges.