Placing Standard Signs



OpenRoad SignCAD 2023




Original Author: 

Bentley Global Technical Support 

Introduction:  The instructions and video below show how-to place standard signs in OpenRoads SignCAD.

Step 1:  In OpenRoads SignCAD, pick Panels>Standard Signs to bring up the Place Standard Sign dialog. The default sign library standard will match the active file standard shown in the Status Bar if a sign library for that standard exists in the program. If a sign library for that standard is not available in OpenRoads SignCAD, then the Standard shown in the Place Standard Sign dialog will default to U.S. 2009.

Step 2:  The Place Standard Sign dialog has a Standard drop-down menu for selecting different sign library standards available in the program. Select a Standard (ex: U.S. 2009).

Step 3:  Within each Standard, you can filter the sign library by Series, Name, Code and Size. The Name and Code fields also allow keyword searches to find the sign you are looking for. Left-click in the Code field and type W4 to bring up all of the standard signs that start with that code. Select the W4-3L standard sign in the 30" size.


Step 4: Left-click on the workspace to place the W4-3L standard sign.

NOTE: The Place Standard Sign dialog and columns can be resized using the selection handles shown below.