Please specify the location of the FloorVibe.exe program

 Product(s):RAM Structural System, RAM Steel
 Version(s): and earlier
 Environment: All
 Area: Installation

Error or Warning Message

When attempting to perform floor vibration analysis from the Steel Beam module, the following error appears:

Please specify the location of the FloorVibe.exe program using the following dialog.","FloorVibe location?

If canceled, the following error occurs:

FloorVibe program not found. Please verify that it is properly installed.


FloorVibe is a third-party product developed by Dr. Murray of Structural Engineers, Inc. A link has been developed between the Steel Beam module in RAM Structural System and FloorVibe. Although FloorVibe integrates with RAM Structural System, it is installed separately. The two error messages occur when FloorVibe is not installed on a workstation.

Starting with RAM Structural System V14.07 the program will now be installing the latest version of both FloorVibe (V2.20, based on Design Guide 11) and FloorVibeUK (V1.02, based on SCI Publication P354), so all clients will get the latest of both.

How to Avoid

Install FloorVibe on the workstation. Based on a third-party agreement, users in the United States and the United Kingdom are provided with a copy of the FloorVibe installer through Bentley when a perpetual license for RAM Steel is originally purchased. Users in other countries can purchase FloorVibe directly from Dr. Murray by visiting

Users who cannot locate a FloorVibe installer should contact technical support via the forums or SELECTsupport to obtain another copy of the installer. FloorVibe is distributed as a zip archive. To install the product, please expand the zip archive, and run Setup.exe. To avoid installation issues, do not run FloorVibe.msi or FloorVibeUK.msi directly. Regretfully we can no longer send the very latest version of FloorVibe. If you need to user version 2.10 or later, visit

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