How to make members to be updated with the change of Workframe dimensions?

 Product(s):ProStructures CONNECT Edition
 Version(s):ProSteel (CONNECT Edition)
Original Author Sandip Kar, User Success Team


When tried to setup to update the Steel members with the change of Workframe, it is not updating with the change of dimensions.


It is possible to get updated the Steel members with the change of Workframe only with some conditions to be fulfilled. There are certain workflow need to be followed to achieve this, but at the same time it is not possible to make this happen in all conditions. Following are the certain conditions when fulfilled, members will change with the change of Workframe.

1. Members should be placed in PS_WORKFRAME Level.

2. Members should be placed using Line method.

Note: If the members are broken after placing then the broken member will not update.


Please follow the below steps to achieve the result.

1. Place the Workframe and after placing, enable "Update connected Shapes

2. In the Shape dialog, under Options Tab, enable "Adjust to Workframe"

3. As I mentioned the prerequisites, this feature will only work when shapes are placed on Workframe Level. So in Level Display, just switch off PS_OBJECT and ensure that PS_WORKFRAME  Level is On.


4. Now place the shapes on the Workframe using Line method.

5. After successful placement of all the shapes, go to Level Display and switch on the PS_OBJECT Level to display the Workframe Object. 
6. Open the Workframe Dialog and now change the dimensions of Length, Width and Height.
7. You can observe that the shapes are also getting updated with the Workframe' s dimension change.

In this way one can update the shapes with Workframe but with certain limitations.

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