Change History_

Our User Management Portal is designed to provide you with a comprehensive view of the related activities within your organization. One of the features we offer is the Change History, which allows you to track modifications made to user accounts. We understand the importance of transparency and accountability in user management, and we strive to enhance your experience continually.

How to access Change History
All the Account Admins and co-Admins can access this Change History feature through the User Management Portal.

How To Use it
Through User Management portal, select the user for which the change history needs to be reviewed by clicking on the user's name. This will bring up user's profile page. On the top right side there will be an icon   for Search History. Click on that icon and it'll display the user's change history. 

Current Limitations
While our Change History feature is a powerful tool for tracking changes made within our portal, we want to acknowledge its current limitations. At present, it primarily captures modifications initiated directly through our interface and through Azure’s Active Directory User Provisioning process. Unfortunately, changes made within federations are not audited by our internal audit service, leading to a partial view of the user change landscape for federated organizations.

For example, if a new user which authenticates through federation has a brand new IMS account created for them, this is currently not captured in our audit system. We would not see the create event when reviewing the audit information.
Furthermore, changes as a result of federation are not captured either. So for example, if a users profile country is updated from United States to Canada as a result of information provided through your federation, this change would not be captured in the current audit system either.

Our Commitment to Improvement
We are committed to providing you with a more comprehensive and inclusive User Change History. Recognizing the importance of capturing changes regardless of their origin, we are actively working on an improved experience that will address these limitations.

What to Expect
In the upcoming releases, we are enhancing our auditing capabilities to ensure that all changes, whether made within our portal, federations, or other external systems, are captured and presented in the Change History. This improvement aligns with our commitment to delivering a robust and complete user management solution.

Stay Tuned for Updates
We appreciate your understanding and patience as we work towards implementing these improvements. Keep an eye on our release notes and announcements for updates on the enhanced Change History feature. We value your feedback, and your input is crucial in shaping our platform to better meet your needs.