Getting Ready for OpenGround

This guide contains information to help you prepare to use OpenGround for the first time.

You need to complete several tasks before successfully logging in to OpenGround for the first time.  We recommend that you complete these steps while we process your order so that you are ready to login once your OpenGround Cloud is ready to use.

To assist you with the final testing, we will add your admin users to our Bentley Cloud as read only users to a demo project.

The steps you need to complete are:-

  1. Add users to your Bentley Account (Bentley Administrator)
  2. Ensure users have access to OpenGround Licences and software (Bentley Administrator)
  3. Download the OpenGround Launcher (IT Manager / User)
  4. Install the OpenGround Launcher (User)
  5. Test logging in (User)

We have structured this guide into three role-based sections as, depending on your organization's size and structure, a single person, or a group of people may be assigned to these tasks.