Whats New In Version 9.0.0

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Document Type: TechNote 

Product(s): LEAP RC-PIER

Version(s): All

Original Author: Bentley Technical Support Group  

1.Stepped cap:

Now, user can define stepped cap for pier. Program provides both options to compute the step thickness or input step thickness manually. Program also allows keeping the bottom of the cap as straight or sloped. If user selects to keep the cap bottom straight, program will compute the start or end depth. Program computes the section properties of each step which is considered in the frame analysis.

Example: Sample screen shot of stepped cap:

2.Check points for flexure and shear design

Under Geometry tab, in structural model, user can define separate check points for flexure and shear design of cap. User can also define offset from center lines of column. In case of multicolumn pier, program will automatically create these check points on either side of columns. User has the capability to activate or deactivate these check points. Program will show the design results at these defined points.

3.Improved Load data dialog:

A new grid format for loads data allows importing loads from CSV file type. Also, allows copy/paste, from/to excel spreadsheet. To see the format for text file format, click here


4.Custom combinations:

Program provides both options:

 1. Generate default combinations

2. Define your own combination selecting individual load case and factor.

 Under the load tab, click on Combination button to open load combination dialog. In the revised load combination dialog,

Load combination

Load Combination dialog

Custom Combination dialog

Custom Combination dialog

5.Analysis Filter:

On the analysis tab, click on “Filter” button to select the specific member, node no & force type. The filter dialog provides the ability to show the results of the specific location rather than that for the entire frame.


6.Footing eccentricity

In V9.0, user can define footing eccentricity in both X & Z direction. Program considers the moment generated due to eccentricity and computes pile reaction or corner footing pressure accordingly. To define the footing eccentricity, user must select “eccentric under column” option. The dialog shows the fields to enter the corresponding eccentricity.


7.Pile section library

Program now has the new pile section library. User can define pile for any size. Program can compute the section properties or user can overwrite these properties. For the pile cap option, user can select the pile from the library or define the section properties on the fly.