Exor TMA unable to view street in Works

 Product(s):Exor TMA Noticing Manager
 Area:Street Groups


A user has reported a problem where they are not able to view a Street (USRN) in the Works form TMA1000. The street does exist in the Gazetteer and the maintaining Local Authority (LA) has confirmed it should work.

This can cause error: HIG-0030: The value entered is not valid


The Local Authorities are responsible for updating the Gazetteers then the Utilities load the updated file.  If the LA creates a new street which has not existed before, it becomes an ‘Unassigned street’

Unassigned streets need to be assigned to a street group.  The system cannot assume what group to add the new streets to, so it is a task which is normally completed by your administrator.

Go to Exor > TMA > Reference Data > Administration > Unassigned streets. You can put the form in query mode to query back the particular USRN.  To assign all click the tick at the bottom right next to the list for streets and click next.  It will then ask if you want to assign to an existing group.  Using the drop down list, select the appropriate group and click next through the remaining screens to complete the process.

The street will now be visible in the Works form.

 Original Author:Jodie Preston