Error when trying to create analytical model from the physical model
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 Found in Version:
Fixed and Released in Version:
 Area: Graphic User Interface
 Issue #:729000 778738

Problem Description

User tries to create an analytical model from a physical model and gets the error below.


This issue has only been observed in some machines


Steps to Reproduce

1) Open Staad.Pro in Physical Modeler and try to create any new file from scratch.

2) Try to create the analytical model by using the ribbon menu option Model > Return to Analytical Modeling.


  1. If STAAD.Pro is installed in a path different from the default, please uninstall the software and reinstall ( as administrator ) choosing the default installation path. For some users this addressed the issue.
  2. If STAAD.Pro is installed in the default path and the error is still obtained, check for the existence of OSOEM folder in the following path C:\Program Files\Bentley\Engineering\STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition\STAAD\SPPM\Program. If the folder is not present, uninstall the software and reinstall ( as administrator ) and check whether the folder now exists. This worked in certain cases.
  3. STAAD.Pro should be installed using an account with administrator rights. If not, please uninstall the software and reinstall as administrator. Once the software is installed, right click on the program shortcut and choose Run As Administrator. In some cases this addressed the issue.
  4. If the installation satisfies all of what is mentioned in the 3 workarounds above, please follow the steps below.

Please open the physical modeler. 
Go to File > Options and the Options dialog box would open.
Click on OK to close the dialog box and close out of STAAD.Pro ( both Physical and Analytical Modeler)
This will create a file “Application.xml” in the following path
Right click on the file, choose open with and choose Notepad.
Change the IPC flag to 0. By default it will show as 1.
Save the file and close it.
Reopen the STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler and try to generate the analytical model.


The problem has been addressed in the STAAD.Pro Connect Edition Update 2 ( version