PLAXIS Viewer - standalone program to view results

ApplicationPLAXIS 2D
VersionPLAXIS 2D CONNECT Edition V20 Update 3 and newer
PLAXIS 3D CONNECT Edition V20 Update 3 and newer
Date created28 January 2019
Date modified28 February 2023

 The PLAXIS Output Viewers are standalone programs and offer you and your clients the ability to view calculated PLAXIS 2D and PLAXIS 3D projects for free! This enables you to easily communicate your PLAXIS results with your clients or other stakeholders.

The Output Viewers come bundled with your PLAXIS 2D or PLAXIS 3D installation but are also available as separate free downloads!

With PLAXIS Output Viewer you can:

* Note: PLAXIS Professional license is required for additional investigative and reporting features.

Read here for more details on the Release notes page.

Download links

Bentley Software (free download) - [general link]

PLAXIS 2D Output Viewer
Latest version only

PLAXIS 3D Output Viewer
Latest version only

Bentley software downloads [requires Bentley account]

PLAXIS 2D Output ViewerPLAXIS 3D Output Viewer

PLAXIS 2D Output Viewer

PLAXIS 3D Output Viewer

Legacy versions

All dongle/hardware lock (HWL) based versions of PLAXIS 2D/3D are treated as "V8i SELECTseries 10" according to Bentley's Support Policy. This means that Bentley will discontinue support for hardware lock based versions of PLAXIS after December 31, 2021. This includes PLAXIS 2D 2019 and older, and PLAXIS 3D 2018 and older.

To see the benefits of the latest versions and how to get the latest version, please see PLAXIS CONNECT Edition: upgrade from Hardware lock to Flexible licensing

For older versions, the PLAXIS Viewer is part of your PLAXIS installation starting PLAXIS 2D 2016 and PLAXIS 3D AE.02. You will find these legacy PLAXIS Viewers in your installation directory (when you have installed the software). The Viewer works as a standalone application. The legacy Output Viewer version can be copied to other locations or sent to your clients to enable the viewing of your legacy PLAXIS analysis.

The Legacy PLAXIS Viewer can also be obtained by selecting the appropriate version and downloading it via these links below:


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